Helping your organization deliver World-Class Performance to your Customers.

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My mission is to help your organization deliver World-Class Performance to your Customers.

I provide consulting, coaching and training to help companies go from good to great by:

Improving their Leadership through:

  • Evaluating the quality of management using the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) assessment model.
  • Through facilitating the High-Performing Contractor Assessment
  • Developing a company purpose statement (Mission/Vision/Values) that create excitement and commitment.
  • Assisting in developing a strategic plan that works to move the company upward.
  • Keeping Score by developing a scoreboard of key measures.

Helping companies gain and maintain loyal customers by design

  • Measuring customer's satisfaction levels and developing action plans
  • Developing & using a Corrective Action System.

Creating engaged and committed employees through:

  • Measuring and analyzing employee satisfaction
  • Implementing an employees involvement (suggestion) system
  • Developing effective team skills

Learning how to design and manage processes and implement Lean Construction tools and techniques including:
The Last Planner System
The 5S's
Value Flow Analysis
Kaizen Events
Root Cause Analysis

I also do work sampling, material flow analysis and work measurement to improve productivity.

Research Projects done to further the knowledge in the Construction Industry

Lean Production Principles - This research shows how the Lean principles that have led non-construction industries to higher profitability and lower costs are easily applicable to the sheet metal and HVAC industry. This research was funded by the New Horizons Foundation.

Measuring Customer Loyalty. This reports is the first ever industry wide customer satisfaction survey done for the HVAC and Sheet Metal Industry. It identifies what customers feel is most important for meeting their needs and how contractors are performing. Go to: New Horizons Foundation This research was funded by the New Horizons Foundation.


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