The 2012 Muda Walk for a Month is Coming

The 6th Annual Muda Walk for a Month is coming this September.

A basic principle of Lean is “Go and See”. We all know this, but don’t practice it enough. The Muda Walk for a Month is a unique opportunity to do put “Go & See” into practice. During September I will email participants the weekly theme to use while doing a Muda (waste) walk in their company. The walk may be at a job site, in the shop, office or even a service truck. During the walk, participants will look for ways to eliminate waste and improve operations. The Muda Walk challenge is to do a walk at least one hour a week and best if it is one hour each day. That may sound like a hard commitment to make, but those who invested the time in past years have reaped useful rewards. I do ask that participants log problems and improvements, and share them with me at the end of the month.

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For more details on Muda walks see my blog

This is a free service, but participants must sign up by Aug 28, 2012. The first week of the Muda walk will start on Sept 3, 2012. To register, just email your request to

Help Stamp Out Muda – Go and SEE the Waste